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Hinterlassen Sie eine Nachricht und wir melden uns!

Use this as a guide so that I have all the 

I would like a (Sketch, Inked, Full Colour) Drawing of (How many Characters) 

I have a concept in mind;

I would prefer if;

As for the color palette;

This is very important about this character;





Portrait starting at 10.-

Waist up starting at 15.-

Full Body starting at 20.-

Ink / Black and White:

Portrait starting at 15.-

Waist up starting at 20.-

Full Body starting at 25.-


Portrait starting at 20.-

Waist up starting at 25.-

Full Body starting at 30.-

Background starting at 20.-

Any additional Character will be charged half of the original price category. For Example;

2 inked full body Characters would add up to 37.50.-

Dependin on the complexity the price may differ, but I will discuss this with you before charging anything to ensure both parties are happy.

I listed everything in CHF, but it will be  charged in your currency.

how it works

first of all, I ask you to please read through the rouls and rights section and fill out the form.

Tell me as much as you possible can so I know what you want.

as soon as I'll get back to you, I'll propose you an estimated price and ask you to send me a many reference pictures as possible so I will be able to get the drawing as accurate as possible.

If we both agree and I received the payment I will send you the first draft, possibly a few which you can choose from, this is also where you need to tell me about any changes you want it to have. I will not be able to change anything major later on without redrawing everything.

i will send you the lineart, the color palette I chose and the final piece, so that you will be able to voice your opinion and make sure it is to your liking.


I will not draw any underaged characters in any sexual implied poses or scenes, no gore or violence, dsfhdsfhg dfgd no copyrighted


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